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Originally Posted by zapvor View Post
exactly. the stamina is staggering.

try stand for 8hrs and just string non stop for a day, then come back and tell me how your day was
Thanks for the understanding/empathy zap.

Try 12-14hr days for 3 weeks straight. Granted, the real crush is Sat/Sun/Mon early qualies and Sat/Sun/Mon before main draw. But you're on site, ready to go for whatever is required to get sticks in hand for practice/play.

In the heyday of my retail world, I've strung as many as 50+ in a day and 220+ in a week.

But nothing kicks my rump like a Grand Slam when I'm only doing 15-35/day, because it's mostly full poly, a lot of pre-stretching non-poly, stenciling, bagging, to extreme pressure for perfection. It takes it's toll for sure.

I can teach a "home stringer" to pull off an equivalent quality string job in the end. But I can't teach them to do a less than 15 minute, mistake free, "on court" job.
That takes multiple levels of talent.

I've always expressed that there are a lot of "fast" stringers and a lot of "great" stringers out there. But very few "great and fast".

Kind of like how very few smoking hot and brilliant women are represented in the population. OK, maybe I should not have gone there, but I did
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