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Mustard, you are the only one reply me carefully so I will do the same with you.

Originally Posted by Mustard View Post
My list is my list of who I think are the best players per year. I don't say it's absolute truth, just my opinion. Even in the open era, there are disputes. Do you agree with the ATP computer that Connors was number 1 in 1975, 1977 and 1978, that McEnroe was number 1 in 1982, and that Lendl was number 1 in 1989? Because I sure don't.

So do you agree with the ATP computer regarding the best players of 1975, 1977, 1978, 1982 and 1989?
Yes, there were many holes in tennis world until 90s like I said before. Computer ranking was not available till 1973 and we do not have reliable ranking until recent time. That's why I said tennis has evolved from immature stage to mature stage as now. In 70s and 80s tennis world was still finding the way to measure greatness.

That is all speculation. You could just as easily say that Federer doesn't stand a chance in the era of wooden racquets, no tiebreaks and no sitdowns at the change of ends against Laver. No modern player could just play the game that they do today with 1960s equipment, because wooden racquets didn't have the power to dictate from the baseline with the authority and depth of today's game. You had to go into the net a lot back then.

You say Laver couldn't cope in today's game, but you don't seem to ask about Federer in Laver's day.
I do not say anything like that. What I said is Laver won a bunch of small tournaments which make him looking greater than he actually was. You can not cite his number of tournaments won or slam won to promote him as greatest player of all time. You just can not.

Yeah, it's annoying. Unless one says that Federer is the undisputed GOAT, one gets criticised. Unfortunately for them, tennis history is far too complicated for that, and there are stats where Federer is behind. Federer is not the only GOAT candidate, but one of many.
You feel annoying, do I NOT feel annoying as well? You guys devalue Federer greatness for ridiculous reasons like Gonzales was world best player in 8 years, Laver won 2 grand slam and 200 tournaments, Rosewall won 23 majors... What is that? They are all myths. Gonzales was NOT world best palyer in 8 years, so was Laver. Laver won 200 small tournament and many "majors" playing just 3 matches. And Rosewall, well, he seem not be top candidate so I will let him alone.
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