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Originally Posted by gmatheis View Post
Your examples suck , here's why.

- If you do not call a ball out it is considered good, . . . This is a rule that is seldom enforced but intentionally violating it is still cheating.
Come on. Let's not be silly.

We all know that when a ball goes over the fence, most folks do not make an audible or visible out call. Those who call crazy-out balls like they are calling balls and strikes in Game 7 of the World Series are . . . . well, make up your own perjorative term.

Now, if you are not making out calls for the purpose of confusing or annoying your opponent, it is cheating. If you are using common sense, it is not cheating.

- If you loop back a first serve that is "obviously out" yes you are cheating by causing a unnecessary delay between the servers first and second serve.
No, you are not cheating. You are probably being thoughtless and discourteous.

If you are doing it to annoy or confuse your opponent for competitive advantage, it is cheating. Again, you have to use *common sense* to see the difference between matters of etiquette and cheating.

Now. On the issue of talking.

If you are talking to warn your partner of a smash, this is an issue of etiquette. If you are heckling your opponent for the purpose of distracting or annoying them, you are cheating.

But if you do talk -- even if your intent isn't to distract or annoy -- and your opponents is actually hindered, you risk loss of point.

It's really not that complicated.
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