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Originally Posted by The Pure One View Post
Today I went to the see Agassi Farewell Tour. AA played Pete Sampras and lost 3-6, 6-3, 4-6. Very nice game. Pete service was incredible as always.

To my surprise, Sampras was not playing with his Wilson K Factor KPro Staff 88. He was playing with the Babolat Pure Storm Tour GT or the Babolat Pure Storm Ltd. GT. I really cannot see which one since I was not seated near. When the game ended Sampras made a clear statement about his new racquet: more power! The strings were kind of black. Do not know if he stayed with Lux/VS Gut combo or went full poly with the new RPM Blast. Here are some pics. In a few days Iím going to get some more. Enjoy!

Yea like I wrote somewhere else in a recent interview Sampras said that if he were playing today, he'd use a larger racquet and different strings, to paraphrase they asked him if he'd still be a serve and volleyer, he said "I only have one gear, I wouldn't change", they said "What about the big hitting baseliners with big racquets", he said "I'd have a big racquet and big strings also, if someone wants to stay back I lick my chops".
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