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Default How honest are you?

Seriously, I'm wondering just how honest most people are.

In recent matches, I've given up points on:

Touching the net with my foot before the ball bounced twice -- it really didn't matter because it was an overhead putaway, but my foot barely touched the bottom of the net after I hit the ball.

Grazing a ball with my frame before my partner hit it for a winner (doubles). The slight touch of my frame didn't disrupt the ball's path. In fact, nobody else noticed that I even touched it at all.

And today, while serving, down 0-30, I double faulted with a 2nd serve just barely missing the center line, but neither of my opponents (doubles) saw it. They both called it "good" because they couldn't see it and I called it "out" (because it really was), thus going down 0-40 and I went on to lose the game.

Anyone else that honest around here?
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