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Originally Posted by psv255 View Post
kb, your posts are so holistically directed - it's refreshing to see tennis through such a lens, with external factors and our mental state often forcing our potential into a bottleneck. Reminds me of singing, where one must be as relaxed, focused, and postured as possible to breathe and sing most effectively.

And, of course, setting higher standards automatically improves performance with the effort to aspire to those standards. This reminds me of a saying (or more of a principle): "Approach your end goals emotionally, but the process logically."

great post!
Emotionally is the exact way we approach this game. Look at Murray! That's the difference between loss and victory. All his match point up losses are all due to one thing: Emotional poison of his timing. Fed and Joker wipe clean, and Murray curses. What a jerk, to be so talented, and so undeserving of it. Bottleneck is a good description. Everything funnels down into the shot. All the emotional quotient, all the physical quotient, the strategic, it all comes down to 4-5 ms. Those who understand why they miss have a much better chance of not missing!

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