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And THIS is the reason Ladies and Gentleman is why we cannot compare Eras. Yes the competition was significantly lower back then with few participants and it was a lot easier! But thats not Laver's fault, its not Gonzales's fault! They played with what competition they had! its not like they got to choose, so their wins should count but at the same time they didnt have nearly the physicality and the work it takes to win the game today!! Since its become A LOT tougher! So thats why each era has to be respected and taken in its own sense. you cant compare because over a period of time things have changed. Will the Laver of 60's win a slam in today's game?? Ofcourse not!! But If he were a player of today he'd be putting hours into the gym and training like any other player today! So we should be thankful to guys like Laver and Gonzales and Tilden and lacoste who helped shape the game and inspire more people to come and play just like Federer and Nadal are doing today rather than comparing them because they played in two different worlds!!
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