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Originally Posted by West Coast Ace View Post
Sure he can. He's a keyboard warrior. Probably has some petty bone to pick with Nike.

So you exposed your bias. You wear out ALL shoes sliding - none of them will survive very long.
You're really going to start an argument when you've missed the point entirely? Come on man, be better than that.

I don't have a bone to pick with Nike. I'm happy with their product aside from the increase in price compared to their pre-2012 offerings. I've accepted that the Vapor line isn't going to last, and very few shoes will be as durable as they advertise to be simply because of the way I skid and slide.

Now, back to my original point. I gave the initial suggestion that the Vapor won't be durable at all, especially if they were to be compared to the Ballistec and Barricade line. Using my Vapor 8 as an example, I said it didn't last long for me and where I was pre-maturely wearing the shoes. It was then countered with the Vapor 9 being "completely different". And I simply said that the Vapor 9 isn't anymore durable than the Vapor 8. That was my point. If I'm wrong about the durability, then prove me wrong, because so far, Vapor 9 users are reporting the same minimum durability consistent with Vapor's history.

You sound like a keyboard warrior, do you have a petty bone to pick with me? Whether you do or not, pick on the author's original argument, instead of fabricating one of your own just to argue about.
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