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Originally Posted by TheFifthSet View Post
If Gonzales wasn't the best player every year from 1954-1961, who was? In which one of those years was he not the best, and who was better?
There's no way you can dispute it from 1954-1957:

1958: Sedgman wins the Wembley Pro and the big pro tournament in Australia, beating Gonzales in both tournaments. Gonzales wins the world pro tour against Hoad, and wins the US Pro and Tournament of Champions.

1959: Hoad wins 15 out of 28 matches on the 4-man world pro tour against Gonzales (although Gonzales won the 4-man tour against Hoad, Cooper and Anderson). Hoad also wins the Tournament of Champions by beating Gonzales in the final, but had previously lost to Gonzales in the US Pro final.

1960: Rosewall dominates the tournament scene, as Gonzales barely played any tournaments in 1960 after the ending of his 7-year contract with Kramer, but did dominate Rosewall, Segura and Olmedo on the 4-man world pro tour.

1961: Rosewall wins the French Pro and Wembley Pro tournaments. Gonzales wins the US Pro, and wins the multi-round robin world pro tour, but no Rosewall on that tour this year.

The way I see it, Gonzales was never toppled, despite the serious challenges from players like Segura, Sedgman, Hoad and Rosewall.
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