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Originally Posted by safc_number10 View Post
My next opponent in my singles league like to approach the net and I remember him picking off a lot of points at the net in our last meeting.

Obviously I'm going to by lobbing to the backhand side if I spot them at the net and perhaps hit hard to the sides on occasions too - but can anyone offer any further tactical advise?
In my experience, all his service points will be decided by your return, and nothing else. If you hit a good, low return at his feet, you will win the point more often than not because he will hit back an easy ball, then you can just rip one to either side for a winner, or do the same thing, just to a side (ie low and to the side, so that if he does get a racket on it, you're just going to hit the same shot again). The key is topspin, a bit of touch, and not so much pace (unless you can do that as well; but soft, low balls are the tougher ones to volley aggressively).

On your service points... Well, if you're a good server, then keep doing what you do (serve in, kill short response or rally aggressively). If you're a decent server, then keep them at the baseline. High, deep, and side to side if you can.
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