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I'm following this demo session very closely, as right now I am strongly considering a move from a 2012 PD (been using PD's for over 10 years) to the TFights (although I am not sure if it will be the 320 or 305). I'd be very interested in your views on the Tfight 320 and 305.

I somehow feel that I have moved on from using the PD (which when I started 10 years ago playing tennis with a PD Team) I was very much a still a novice

I play 4 times a week (am in mid-40's), prefer singles, and probably a 3.5 in U.S. speak (in the UK we have a different rating system, and I'm a 7.2 LTA rating). My primary weapon is my serve - fairly pacey 1st, and 2nd decent kicker. I camp out at the baseline a lot.

I feel ready to move to a Pure Drive-esq type of power racket to maintain my serve weapons, but I seriously need a more consistent ground stroke game (single backhand, Eastern Forehand).

I tested a Tfight 305 and beat a level 4.0 type player who normally pushes me aorund, and I just loved the feel/control of the TFight 305 (am now waiting for a demo to arrive)

I'm wondering if the 320 would be even better for me than the 305?

Many thanks
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