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What people don't realize is that the difference between 18 and 19 is a lot more than the difference between, say, 7 and 8. 17 Grand Slams is insanity. 18 Slams would be insanityX2. It's not a big deal for a player who has won 2 or 3 Slams to wins a 3rd or 4th. But for a player who had won 17 Slams to win an 18th or 19th one is all the more staggering, because they're in uncharted territory as it is and they're likely not in their 20s anymore. Saying, "17 or 18 or 19, what's the difference, he already has the record," is craziness, plain and simple. 99% of pro players would kill to win that one Slam.
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