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Originally Posted by TennisA View Post
Pretty sure they didn't have any money to give players appearance fees, considering they didn't have a sponsor for those years.
yeah Robbie Koenig was talking about this a couple weeks ago. Even beyond the sponsorships, he said it's getting increasingly difficult for most of 250 level tourneys to afford the appearance fees for more than one top player. And even then it was still difficult for the LA tourney to draw Roddick let alone Fed or Nadal who in their prime were never going to play this tourney anyway given it's place on the schedule. Even if they could have offered Roger two million to show up, he always takes time off after Wimbledon and would've passed anyway.

oh well, it's not so bad. Indian Wells isn't that far away from LA. And there are other major US markets like Chicago and Boston who don't have a tourney either. I mean those of us in the ******* have to drive to Cincy to see a pro level tourney. If one lived in Minneapolis you'd have to base a vacation around seeing even one day of tennis. At least with those in LA you can make a relatively short trip out to the valley for Indian Wells.
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