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Originally Posted by kylebarendrick View Post
If you as the receiver break a string on the first serve and quickly pull another racquet off the top of your bag, it may not even warrant a new first serve. Virtually everyone would offer one though.
It doesn't matter how fast you do it, acording to the rules it is a first serve for the server.

just to end this:

USTA Comment 13.2: What happens when there is a delay between the first and second serves? If the delay is caused by the Receiver (such as a broken string or contact lens problem), an official, or outside interference, the whole point is replayed. If the Server caused the delay, such as when the Server breaks a string, the Server gets one serve. Note that a spectator’s call (“out,” “fault,” or other), a spectator’s ringing cell phone, or grunting on an adjacent court is not basis for replaying the point. Action should be taken to prevent further spectator interference.
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