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Ha freaking ha, what is so damn funny? I appreciate the serious applause GIF and the laughs, but, man, we're just really hurting from the big loss. 0 & 0 cuts deep, real deep, bro. Gotta just use it as fuel, I keep tellin' my 9 yr old warrior, as I drag him off the couch away from his wee.

Been taking 90 minute lessons from all three coaches over the past week. So, yeah, my girlfriend's girlfriend and I were takin' the kid to the spa to have his eyebrows plucked and we ran into this massage guy who is also a genius tennis coach. Tryin' him out today. He's a felon, but he coached a coupla Open players and a prize fighter back in Kreplachistan.

Planning on homeschooling and lots of 2-a-days like I used to do back when homeschooling was truancy. Tweakin' it up a level each day. Gonna be set for 12s in a year or so, with that money yellow ball and the full court. Just up for some more gym time and even more retail therapy.

You ninjas know of any other places for some pro gear in youth Medium? Maybe some Lunar Vapors in size 4 with the RF logo and the little red plus signds [good reminder to stay positive with all the haterz]? And what about that western grip thingy? Or maybe I ought to get him some semi-western grips for right now. Hit me up on my cellyy ah-eet?

Oh, and Number1Coach:
a] you are cool and smart, man. Keep you're eyes on the Federer plus signs and keep the faith bro.
b] You're so vain
c] you probably thought this thread was about you
d] but it was about me and mah boy, hahah, yeeeeeah boyeee!

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