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Originally Posted by COPEY View Post
While I like the rationale behind this post, I think one has to understand what he/she is after going in. In Irvine's case, which is probably similar to a lot of people who become addicted to testing strings, if you're looking for something that's going to transform your game, then you're going to be in for a long ride with not much to show for it in the end but an empty wallet. If, on the other hand, you simply like to test different strings, like seeing what's out there or maybe looking to find several strings you like for future use, no problem. Then there are those who simply do it as a hobby because they enjoy experiencing the various playing characteristics, writing reviews, sharing their experiences (Mikeler). In the process I think Mikeler settled on Microfibre for his go-to multi, but it certainly hasn't stopped him from testing; it's just what he does.

I have a reasonably large inventory of strings, and while I can't say I've found a string that's truly wowed me, I enjoy testing what I have just to see what I like/don't like. I also want to be able to tell the people I string for what my experience was with a given string. That's pretty much it. Am I addicted? Probably definitely lol, but I know better than to expect a string to make me a better player.
It took me a long time to find my beloved DM setup. Had I not tested a lot of strings, I never would have found it. Food for thought...
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