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Default Supplements to Build Cartilage?

After a recent MRI it was discovered I have lost (doc said it tore off instantly during tennis) a "sizeable" portion of cartilage in my left knee.

I have to have Microfracture Surgery to repair it. The way I understand it they drill 4 small holes in my bone where the cartilage is missing, hopefully a "good" blood clot occurs, and Lord willing that blood clot turns into a type of cartilage.

I can't put any weight on that leg for 6 weeks after surgery, can't run for 3 months after that, and can't play tennis for another 2 months after that.

My question is: Is there a supplement that has been shown to build and/or repair cartilage in the body*? If so, what is the best?

* I understand that this supplement won't put the cartilage back in my knee to prevent the surgery, I'm just thinking about trying to prevent future cartilage loss (although this time it was an immediate injury) and hopefully build some 'extra'.

Thanks for any help.

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