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Originally Posted by dhnels View Post
I don't recall any credible poster on this forum recommend any kind of stretch or strengthening (including flexbar) while TE pain is active. The near unanimous advice is to rest until pain free, then slowly start PT to regain strength, and STOP immediately if pain returns.

My personal experience was that I couldn't do any kind of movement against resistance without the pain returning. All my elbow could handle at first was isometric resistance (no moving), gradually building up to some movement, and finally being able to use a flexbar pain free. It took me 6 months to fully recover to where I'm playing tennis again pain free.

Remember with TE, any pain is no gain (actually moving backwards).

Not trying to be a smart a** at all, but virtually everyone talks of beginning the treatment when some pain is active. If you read the protocol, it even references pain and soreness. How can use of the FlexBar reduce pain by 80% if you have no pain when you start using it. The bar is used in the study with people who've had pain for more than 6 months with no improvement.

I did my homework. My case was fairly mild, seemingly a perfect case for the FlexBar. I had no loss of strength. I could still play tennis with mild pain. The FlexBar is advertised to reduce TE pain as part of a treatment program.

Read the advertisement. It refers to relieving the pain, resolving the pain, soreness after use, etc.
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