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Default Match play apart from practise play

Well... ths is a topic that has probably been discussed million times on these forums. This occurence will not be an exception. I have not played an official match for 4 months and I played terrible this weekend. I have practised a lot and worked on being more aggressive and all the strokes have worked nicely in practise. I got onto the court hoping to implement those shots in matchplay, did not work.

I simply got too tense on every single opportunity ball and could not hit a regular shot inside the court. I am a defensive type of a player by mindset so I thought of starting to hit slices only or use moon balls, but that would of have ruined the idea of implementing the aggressive shots. I probably should of have "just" tried to win instead of trying to play a new game in a match.

I will be going to the states to play college tennis next Spring and I want my match play come back to the way it was with the additional changes I have made to my game. I will be playing at least 10 official singles matches and 3-4 doubles matches from this day onwards, but please give me tips to practise under match-like pressure before going there.

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