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Default Dunlop MW 200g 95

Count me in!

I've also rediscovered the racquet I loved most when I first got back into tennis.

MW 200g

I've added a leather grip + overgrip and it comes to 12 1/2ozs. It swings so easily it does not feel like a 12oz. + racquet. I get a lot of racquet head speed and because it's so flexible and lower powered that I rarely hit it out. Feel and touch is extraordinary.

I'm using 3 set-ups to see what I like best.


Nat.gut/Alu Rough 53/50
Ace 18 53
Nat. gut 50

So far I like the first 2 the best.

I've also picked up a couple of Rev. 200g's. I like them a lot. Feels like a POG Mid with a tighter string pattern. Definitely more crisp then the MW.
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