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Nobody really attended this tournament but americans who felt obligated to attend any domestic event. You would see Roddick, Isner and Fish, Querrey but you don't see Federer, Djokovic, Murray or any others attending it and you don't see the sponsorship money because of it.

LA is a major city and it's kinda sad that it's not at least a 500 series event, which would draw the higher seeds and bigger names to it. But Most of those guys would save time to rest up than to travel all the way across the country just to enter in a 250 event. Draw bigger names and you give more reason for sponsors to invest more money for the event. This tournie maybe slowly went away because of it.
This tournament is held right after Washington, which is a 500. It's also held about 3 weeks after Wimbledon, and most of the top 10 take time off until Cincinatti, so no matter what LA or whoever fills its place did/does, it's never going to be a 500 and no way will it lure Fed, Murray, Nadal etc. I don't know why the original article even mentioned them
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