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hmm, I read all this... you just made me think and I must agree whenever i was dehydrated I felt dizzy and weak as well. It definitely didn't go away quickly. I'm not a doctor but I thought there could be perhaps a mild form of dehydration, maybe these could be telling symptoms.
The truth is, it does last for a very short moment, just when I'm about to contact the ball. Maybe the eye adaptation could take a little time, as someone suggested. I only very recently started wearing reading glasses but I also have this issue for quite some time. Strange thing is, it doesn't always happen but it will surprise me at the worst possible moment, when I least expect it.

BTW: My apology, I think this should've been in health section.
Have you always had this problem? Does this happen almost always happen (7~8 out 10 times)?
You are at an age where accommodation (ability to change your focus between near and far) is going to slow down. Or, your eye movement is just slowing down and can't track the ball quite as well, or needs more warm up time. There are eye exercises you can do..

It must be frustrating for you, you could bring it up to your eye doctor or family doctor..?

Dehydration affects blood circulation and tissue perfusion because there is not enough "water" in our blood to be pumped. Until you replenish the water, symptoms won't go away...However, in your case, the symptoms RESOLVE while you are hitting the ball. Humans cannot live more than 2~3 days w/o water...In addition, signs of dehydration take place in certain order - thirst being the first. If dehydration reached a stage where it was affecting tissue perfusion, you will be too weak to play tennis. : )
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