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I don't think that he is as great a player as either Laver or Federer, but still he is easily one of the best players to have ever picked up a racket.

I would rank him above Sampras. Borg had the clear edge in terms of surface versatility of course, while Sampras had the clear edge in terms of longevity. I think that Borg was more dominant than Sampras, although I accept that this criteria is far more debatable.

Sure Sampras finished as the year end no. 6 times and Borg twice. However everyone knows that Borg was the real no. 1 in 1978, and Sampras was a very weak and questionable no. 1 in 1998. All 8 of Borg's seasons from 1974-1981 were better than Sampras's 1998.

Looking at quality over quantity, Borg's 1979 and 1980 seasons were superior to any year that Sampras ever had on the tour in my opinion, both in terms of results and standard of play. His 1978 season was probably as good as any year that Sampras ever had as well. Sampras never had a 3 year run that stacks up to Borg's 1978-1980.

I still rank him above Nadal as well due to his superior surface versality and dominance. He was a far better player on hard courts than Nadal has been indoors, despite Nadal benefiting from the elimination of carpet and most indoor tournaments nowadays being played on medium-paced hard courts. Plus Borg was the undisputed best player in the world 3 years in a row from 1978-1980, while Nadal has never been the best player in the world in back to back years.

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