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Default A Tennis Hypothetical (would this player be GOAT?)

A tennis prodigy emerges.

After a juniors career where he blew everyone off the court he wins his first major at the AO in 2019

Then he gets on the sickest, hottest streak ever and also reels off the next 7 majors for a double consecutive Calendar Year Slam. In a few of those tournaments he never drops serve.

In addition he wins a significant number of the masters in those two years, and wins the 2020 Olympic Gold. he also wins the WTF both seasons.

The era before he started winning was considered medium strong (there were a few multi-slam winners in near-prime form on tour)

Then his private jet crashes on the way to the 2021 AO and he tragically dies.

Prior to this somewhere around his 5th or 6th consecutive majors people were wondering if we were witnessing a new GOAT. This player was lethal on all surfaces equally.

So he ends his life with "only" 8 majors, a gold, a WTF, "only" 100 weeks at #1.

But he'd blown EVERY one of his peers off the court for 2 straight years, passed the eyeball test of just looking the part of the perfect game, had a positive H2H against every opponent he'd played more than twice.

Could this player be a GOAT without surpassing any of the grand slam champions?
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