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He never did. Did you read the thread?

Kirby told him he shipped it (without tracking) but that the Canadian PO later called him and told him they had lost the package.

Then Kirby told him he shipped a replacement to make up for the first "lost" racket. That one was also "lost."

Anthony the Aussie (a very nice man) finally got a refund, but only after I gave him Kirby's dad's email address and phone number and Anthony threatened to contact his dad. When Kirby knew daddy was about to get involved, he issued a payment for the racket he received in the unfulfilled trade.

He then came back to rip off a few other guys here and I finally said "enough" and emailed his dad. Suddenly, everyone received refunds and apologies. Funny how that works.

He also did stuff like post phoney references for himself. And he once charged a guy extra for shipping to Canada even though he lives in Canada. He even went so far as to create a phony USPS tracking number. A real piece of work that one.

This kid (21?) is a serial liar and about half a dozen people here had bad experiences with him under his various user names. I have no doubt he is here under some other name so if you are dealing with someone with a Markham, Ontario or Boca Raton, FL address be extra careful.

I have noticed that scamming seemed to be way down this year. I think people are being a little smarter in their dealings and the would-be scammers see what happens to other scammers here and figure it isn't worth the grief. There were a couple of incidents where someone got ripped off (that whole Johnny5 thing for one) but for the most part, it seems that things were better this year.

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