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Originally Posted by TonyB View Post
And today, while serving, down 0-30, I double faulted with a 2nd serve just barely missing the center line, but neither of my opponents (doubles) saw it. They both called it "good" because they couldn't see it and I called it "out" (because it really was), thus going down 0-40 and I went on to lose the game.

Anyone else that honest around here?
Not sure about the last example. It's tough for me to see that ball w/ the centerstrap and if it's that close, I wouldn't complain if they called it out, but I wouldn't penalize myself if they thought it was in. On the other hand I have called out DTL shots where I had a good view of the ball vs. opponents who're perhaps giving me the benefit of the doubt when they're watching perpendicular to the spot.

BTW, the score shouldn't matter as to whether you're honest or not.
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