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Originally Posted by Tennusdude View Post
It was definitely for one day on Black Friday and it was for 20 percent off of gift cards. Plus you were not allowed to use the gift cards for any Babolat Products at all!!! There may have been a few other stipulations as well.

I hope they do it for 25 percent as Irvin says. That would be great!
You should not post things that are not true.
I purchased these last year, and I looked up my e-mail on that purchase and it was Nov. 17 2011, not as you say, definitely for one day on Black Friday, the sale was for a few days, and Nov. 17th is nowhere near Black Fri.If you know someting is true, then thats a definite, but if you are not sure state it as such.
It did exclude Babolat products.
People here expect honest answers to questions.

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