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Originally Posted by TonyB View Post
It had a ton of spin and hooked in towards the center T. The netman didn't have a good angle on it, so it looked good. The returner was late to the ball and couldn't see it straight along the centerline, so he assumed it was good.

But I had a direct view from where I was and I could clearly see that it was out by about an inch or so. No doubt about it.

I've been hooked so many times in league matches that I probably should have just let the point go in my favor, but that's not how I play.
So it wasn't "unsighted", you just think they missed the call. You seem awfullly sure of yourself that it was out, even if only by an inch. I'm very seldom *that* sure on a ball that close (especially since I'm not usually seeing the center service line straight on from my vantage point either after I just served, were you not covering a cross court return at all?), so I'm unlikely to overrule my opponents call in that position. In general I think the receivers are pretty much always in better position to call the serve than the server, so even if I think it was an inch out, I'll just defer to whatever they actually call because I'm not going to be sure enough to overrule. (I would if it was really obvious I guess, but that situation really doesn't come up that I can remember).

If it's a different situation, later in a point, and both opponents are like scrambling out of position and genuinely don't even get their heads around to call a ball, I'd call my own ball out if I thought it was out for sure, and I'd always be honest if asked whether I thought it was out or not regardless of situation, although again I can't remember even being asked that question on one of my own serves.

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