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I understand you being an international U.S. tennis prospect you are trying to determine your options and the understanding of the American college system and college tennis can be very vague. But you have to understand that due to many factors we do now know about your academic, tennis background, and career interests. Financial support is another factor as some schools cost upwards of $50K before scholarship. Compare that against the very large amount of D1 schools your question is almost impossible to answer.

Here's some things to think about. NAIA tennis and in many instances the academics can be very good. If it's your goal of going to a D1 school you could tell the coach that up front and see if he's open to you playing for him a year or two and transferring to D1. He may even be willing to help. If that's your intent and you sign to attend and play NAIA I would make that clear with the coach first.

You may also look on and start your own research here. You can find the coaches contact info on their respective college sports websites.

Alternatively, many of the top junior colleges have a good success rate of placing their better players at D1 programs after 2 years.
California Community Colleges -

Lastly, if you have help of a local coach where you live that may have played tennis in the states you should reach out to them and see if they may have guidance.
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