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Default Kick serve finish

Since taking up the game just over 14 months ago, it's taken about this past summer to develop a reliable service motion. I would say my slice and kick serves is my go to serves for my 2nd but do occasionally use it for my 1st if my flat is misfiring.

I was playing at my local club and while practicing serves, one of the coaches was observing and came over and commented I have a good motion however when I finish my motion on a kick serve, I should refrain from finishing the motion on my right hand side (I'm a righty).

When I serve a slice and flats, I finish on my left but normally right side with a kicker much like Stosur. I did say to the coach that I've modelled my kicker like Stosur but he was adamant that I should change it.

I took time to listen to his advice and carried on with my practice. Whilst I did try finishing the kicker on my left, naturally I feel that I can get so much more action on my kicker finishing on the right.

Do most of you guys who are righty normally finish on the left at the end of your motion with a kick serve. Not sure if I should change as I'm getting a lot of success with it.
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