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Very odd way to support your argument. I didn't know that only league results counted in your record.

Noting odd about. Coaches are paid to compete in their conferences. Even the coach knows that. Read her comments. Who cares if they beat Little Sisters of the poor ? They are a consistent Pac-12 bottom dweller.

Originally Posted by goober View Post

Overall record and final rank

2009 18-8 # 27

2010 12-7 #29

2011 13-11 #26

2012 8-11 rank #49
Hmm. I spot a trend. Do you ?

Originally Posted by goober View Post
Yes overall a winning program. But why do you care so much how they do? Is Washington your alma mater or something? Why don't you rag on ASU, OSU or utah ? If it bothers you so much why you don't contact the AD and start a petition to get her fired?
I could ask you the same thing. Why are you so eager to defend her ? I already said why I don't like her, go reread the thread. I don't have a problem with those other programs becuase, to my knowledge, their coaches haven't made pathetic, obnoxius, whining comments about their inability to compete with American players.

Read her quote. She said that she can't compete in her conference with the American players she is able to recruit. But she doesn't seem to be able to compete in her conference with her foreign recruits, either.
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