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Hi PC1. Hope you sort out everything as soon as possible. You have a lot of reading to catch up when you get back.

Ok. I know you believe Laver, Sampras, Borg, Gonzales, etc are in the same top tier. However, Sampras < Federer, there's no more debate because Fed owns Sampras in almost every categories. It doesn't make sense to say Federer = Sampras = Laver = Borg = Gonzales etc. And while you included Borg in the top tier with the rest, you should include Nadal too because both players are virtually dead even. But this doesn't make sense either because Federer > Nadal. See my point?

Funny how old-timers criticize The Tennis Channel for their top 100 ranking list, but the way people rank players on this forum is way out of whack.
Yes, Nadal is even with Borg...Nadal won five consecutive Wimblies, thatīs right.Nadal won 3 indoor majors, yes, thatīs right...
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