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Originally Posted by krosero View Post
I told you that you had no basis on which to assume that we once judged Sampras and Laver to be on the same level. Of course you just seem to have ignored that.

I'll speak for myself here, as on older fan. I never regarded Sampras and Laver as being on the same level. I thought of Sampras as below Laver's level. When Federer passed Sampras, I thought that the new conversation would be, or should be, about Federer vs Laver. In other words, I felt Federer approached Laver's level only when he passed Sampras -- and in particular when he got his French Open.

So what's the problem here? You see me bumping Laver up from Sampras' level? You see anyone else here doing that?
I said "some people", and never mentioned your name so I don't know why you're getting mad at me. I've been on this forum since 2009 and have read debate after debate about who's the greatest, and many members stacked Sampras = Laver, some have either one above another. And obviously Sampras fans and Laver fans argue for their idol. 2009 was when we had many goat threads, mainly because (1)Roger won the career slam, (2)Roger broke Sampras 14 slam records. People in here use Sampras as a measuring stick, and Fed is chasing him, and to be the greatest he must match/surpass Sampras. That justify many members in here believe Sampras is the man or at least in the same league as Laver before Roger surpass Sampras.

Please don't misrepresented me because I'm not generalizing here.
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