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Originally Posted by Hannah19 View Post
DEESSE Miracle Ashwood (Close enough it's a "Miracle Woody")
Jenro 2x (Correct - both 1st generation and 2nd generation "kevlar" )
Snauwaert Ellips Touch-H (Correct)
Snauwaert Ergonom I & II (Correct)
Prince Presicion Mono (Correct)
Fox Bosworth WB 215 (Correct)
Dunlop Polygon (Topway) (Correct)
Lacoste equijet LT 302 (Correct)
Wilson Legacy & Sting (Correct)
Le Coq Sportif TCO Noah (Correct)
Le Coq Sportif TS 25 Noah (Correct)
Rival (Correct)
Gamma Big Bubba (Correct - 32" version)
Erge (Correct)
The Gripper (Correct)
Bergelin Longstring (mac Gregor) (Correct - but there is more!)
Mad Raq 3 String ceramic (Correct)
Mad Rag Atlanta (Wrong but correct brand)
Mad Rag dallas (Wrong but correct brand)
Rox Pro Delta 2000 (Correct)
Winn Sport 9-11 (Correct)
Winn Sport WG-3 ? (Wrong but correct brand)
X-45 PRO (Correct)
Vollmer PCS Parabellum (Correct)
Fischer Superform Tuning (Correct)
Fischer Kingsize Tuning (Wrong but correct brand)
Maynard Air power (Correct)
Bancroft Slingshot (Markill Mosquito) (Correct)
Chris 5-STAR (Correct)
Snauwaert Hit TEN 50 (Wrong but correct brand)
Spalding DIB Powertech 100 (Correct)
SP.IN Hypo (Correct)
SP.IN G-500 (Wrong but correct brand)
Davis topspin (Correct)
Tretorn detachable 2 x (Correct)
Rossignol F 150 (Correct)
Birmal alu (PRO-AM) (Correct)
Fischer Powerwood (Correct)
Fischer Superform Stan Smith (Correct)
Lacoste Top Control (Correct)
Lacoste Control (Correct)
wilson JK Autograph (Wrong but correct brand)
Volkl Zebra (Correct)
Yamaha YWG 33 Vilsbiburger stringjob (Correct)
wilson javelin (Correct)
MacGregor Tourney (Correct - but there is more!)
The Handler 2x (1/2 correct)
The natural (Correct - but there is more!)
Head Director (Correct)
Puma BB Super (Correct)
Bergelin Longstring II (Wrong but close)
Mad Raq Alu (Correct)
Dunlop Metal monoshaft Tournament (Correct - but there is more!)
Fischer Kingsize graphite (Correct)
head edge alu (Correct but it's the "string lock" version)
Blackburne DB 97 (Correct)

Le coq Sportif Roscoe Tanner (Wrong but correct brand)
Pro Kennex Bronze LTD? (Wrong but correct brand)
Wilson Ultra PWS? (Correct)
Dayton steel fram (Correct - there are two of them)

How am I doing so far???
You are doing GREAT. 55 correct and 10 mostly correct! That's way better than I expected!
Collecting and hitting with anything "odd"

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