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I agree that Borg failing to win the US Open is the one blemish on his career CV. He is all-time great at both Roland Garros and Wimbledon, won the Masters twice, the WCT finals once, had numerous good quality tournament victories on all surfaces, was incredibly dominant despite facing such strong competition during his peak, and was also one of the greatest Davis Cup players of all-time as well.

In the past I've seen people labelling the fact that he lost 3 out of his 4 major finals against McEnroe as a blemish as well. However that is hugely unfair.

They squared off in 2 finals at Wimbledon, 2 finals at the US Open, but never played each other at Roland Garros. Borg can't be punished for being able to progress far enough to play Mac at the business end of the US Open in 1980 and 1981, while Mac was unable to progress far enough far to play Borg at RG. In 1980 Mac lost to Paul McNamee in the 3rd round at RG, and in 1981 he lost in straight sets to Lendl in the quarters there.

Borg lost in 5 sets to Mac in the 1980 US Open final, and in 4 sets in the 1981 final, although after winning the 1st set he looked like an unmotivated spectator for the rest of that match. It's difficult to imagine Mac avoiding a straight sets drubbing had he played Borg at RG in either of those years.

The Borg-McEnroe rivalry was skewed by Borg being more versatile than Mac, and being much better on his weakest surfaces than Mac was on his. In official matches, they played each other 8 times on carpet, 4 times on hard courts, twice on grass, but 0 times on either US green clay or European red clay.

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