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The question that comes to my mind is "what's the deal with LA?" A city this size and it hasn't had a pro football team in decades, can't seem to support a tennis tournament in a climate where everyone ought to be playing tennis, and even supports its baseball team in a half-assed way. (I've never been to a game there, but my daughter was taken to one a couple of years ago while there on business, and apparently it's true that even in a close game the place would start to empty out around the fifth inning). Angelinos or Diablos??
Aside from the Lakers, USC football (when they're good) and sometimes the Dodgers (when they're good), it's just not a great sports town. The Lakers always draw, but it's a very front running sports climate there. Just too much other stuff to do, not to mention, a significant portion of the population of the surrounding city aren't from LA. Sort of the same reason Atlanta has been a terrible sports town because so many people from all over the Southeast move to Atlanta for work - CNN/Turner etc...and they're not Atlanta sports fans. Let's face it, if Winston Salem, NC and Memphis can support tourneys, and LA can't, then it's probably time to for them to give it up. It's not totally their fault, but where it stands on the schedule, I just think it's doomed to what it is. Newport faces the same challenge. Hey Wimbledon is over, but here's a tiny grass court tourney just before 5 months of hard courts. If that tourney didn't have the Hall of Fame inductions tied to it, I can't imagine they'd draw flies either.
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