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Originally Posted by TMF View Post
This is your listed(although another poster said Gonzales only had 6 years).

1954: Pancho Gonzales
1955: Pancho Gonzales
1956: Pancho Gonzales
1957: Pancho Gonzales
1958: Pancho Gonzales
1959: Pancho Gonzales
1960: Pancho Gonzales
1961: Pancho Gonzales

1954: Jaroslav Drobny
1955: Tony Trabert
1956: Lew Hoad
1957: Lew Hoad
1958: Ashley Cooper
1959: Alex Olmedo
1960: Neale Fraser
1961: Roy Emerson

You had 2 players per year. So who's the number 1 players during those years? You can't have both players.

Like I said...having a split field Nadal would have 6 years ending #1 instead of 2.

Or let say we count 2 best players per year without having a spit fields, Nadal still gets 6 years #1. Federer gets 7 years(including 2012).
In 1958 and 1959, Hoad was the leading money-winner in the pro game. That means something. Today, we would call that #1.
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