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Tennis history is so complex, with ever changing and evolving equipment as well, that I don't see how there can be a tennis GOAT.

Originally Posted by zam88 View Post
interesting, had never heard of maureen connolly. She had a pretty sick run.

I can't help but think that the theoretical person I'm talking about though in the modern era would by hyped up a lot more, would have a lot more video around to prove their dominance, etc.

However, I also suppose you could compare this person to Monica Seles since he career was rocking before the stab job.

I guess what i'm talking about though is absolute dominance to the highest order... no one was touching this guy... and in an era where everyone has the same access to top rate coaching, conditioning, equipment, etc.
Monica Seles (circa 1989-1993) had the nickname "Little Mo" as well, just like Maureen Connolly.
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