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Default Yet another string review thread

Since I've been testing out a bunch of poly strings lately, I might as well review them.

A little bit about my play style: D2 College player. SW Forehand and 2Handed Backhand. Aggressive baseline game. Working on adding more of a transition game. First serve is more of a flat slider (think Murray-esque) 80% of the time, and my second serve is either kick or slice to the corners to open up the court.

Equipment: Babolat Pure Storm Tour. No dampener. Stock with overgrip. Stringing machine is either Gamma X2 or my coach's old Ektelon Machine (Lockout).

1. Dunlop Black Widow 16.

Stringing: 50# One piece on the X2. Measured 53 on rackettune right off the machine. Nothing to troubling. I don't have much difficulty with stringing poly. It was a little rough, so I was a bit more careful with the crosses to avoid friction burn.

Groundstrokes: Right away, this string was stiffer than I would have liked, but it had a lot of spin. The combination left a lot of balls sitting up short in the court. Once it broke in after the first hitting session, depth was easy and the added spin kept the balls dropping in. After the third hitting session, the edges had worn down on the string and tension had dropped even more. I had difficulty controlling the ball at this point. It broke during this session as well. 8.5/10 Underpowered for 2 hours, perfect for 2 hours, then overpowered for 1.5 hours.

Volleys/Touch: Being one of the softest polys I have tried, this string excelled at net. Plenty of spin allowed for some stupid good drop volleys and angles. Even when the edges had worn away and the tension had dropped, I found good control at the net. Depth was easy throughout the test and I could put it where I wanted too. 8/10

Serves: This is where I enjoyed this string the most. First serves were just a delight. It seemed like I got a little bit of extra pace and spin to keep my big flat serves in. Second serves were great as well. I could get plenty of spin when I wanted it and targeting was adequate. 9/10

Durability/Tension maintenance: For a 16G string, I was a bit disappointed. I only got 6 hours out of it, probably because the edges on the crosses cut into the mains. I played Tour Bite 1.20mm last year and I got 10 hours before it broke, and the playability duration was better too. With Black Widow, the tension dropped almost continually, and the characteristics that made it great for that small period of time did as well. 5/10

Overall: This string was a bit of a disappointment for me. I have played it in a hybrid before at a higher tension and really liked it, but as a full polyester setup, the poor durability and tension maintenance is a deal breaker and minimizes the great spin and power this string has, albeit for a small time frame. I may revisit it as a hybrid, but I can't justify $13 per set as a poor college student right now. 7/10

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