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2. Polystar Classic 1.30

Stringing: Easy. I used Polystar Energy throughout high school, and when I saw a reel of this for $30, I couldn't resist. It lacks a bit of the greasy feel of Energy, but it's still there a bit. It's a fairly familiar experience, so I had no problems. Knots and crosses were smooth. It's a little stiff, but not much coil memory. Strung at 50# two pieces on the X2.

Groundstrokes: Really a nice string here. Plenty of control and the spin is there if you work for it. Even as the tension dropped, the inherent stiffness of the string kept control at a premium. Easy to put the ball on a dime and manipulate opponents. 9/10

Volleys: Nothing spectacular, but the it got the job done. Volleying, for me, is more of a technique thing, rather than an equipment thing. As the tension dropped, though, the touch and feel increased with it. 8/10

Serves: Not a lot of free power or spin. I really had to work to get the ball moving, whether it be a spin serve or a flat serve. The tension drop helped a bit with this, though. Control, on the other hand, was exceptional. While I found it difficult to just bomb serve after serve, I could place the ball extremely well. 8/10

Durability/Tension maintenance: Being a first-gen poly, durability was at a premium while tension maintenance was not. I got 15 hours out of this string, and I'm quite pleased with it. The strings did move a bit, though. The tension dropped for the first 8 hours from 49# to 31.2# on rackettune. It stayed at 31.2 until it broke. Even at 31.2 lbs., control was great. The ball really sunk into the strings and I felt like I was playing with a net, throwing the ball where I wanted it to go. 9/10 Mostly for the great durability and the fact that even when the tension had dropped, the control remained premium.

Overall: Since I have a reel, this may become my go-to string for awhile. I am going to revisit PolyStar Energy after trying this again, too. Control, I'll reiterate, was at a premium. Good durability, and it retained its playing characteristics even when the tension had dropped almost 20 pounds. Really a no nonsense baseliner's string. 8.5/10

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