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Originally Posted by Autodidactic player View Post
I'm counting 55 correct and 10 mostly correct. Is that what you've got?
Basically, Yes.
I'm strugling with the rackets behind the desk and cupboards.
And some of the steel shaft wood rackets. Is that blue one a Grays?
I did add the Dynaspot to the lot, the one left of the Davis Topspin looks like a JK Autograph but apparently is'nt.
The one hanging on the cupboard, right from the Bergelin, might be a Rox Pro Space T1. Than offcourse the Dunlop Superlongs but no real idea which models they are, to modern...
The one right from the Gripper looks like a Donnay Revolutive, That Fischer Tuning could be a Superform Open version.
The rest remains too blurry or to hidden for me to identify.
2x MAX 200G PRO, Nat.Gut/Ferry Force Super Touch at 58 lbs.

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