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3. Luxilon 4G 1.30

I reviewed this string in my modified Pure Storm standard in another thread, and also tried it in this racket. My thoughts are similar.

Stringing: Strung 2 pieces at 50# on the X2. Strung up like a normal Lux offering. A little bit of coil memory, but nothing excessive. Came off reading 48.8 on rackettune.

Groundstrokes: Really nice feel here. Tons of control. I can really keep the ball in the court with this even at the low-ish tension. Spin was not lacking, but it's not exceptional either--you get what you put into it. The most prominent characteristic is the stiffness and dead feel of the string. It's not so stiff that it's uncomfortable or jarring, but it's just dead. 9/10

Volleys: Surprising feel here. Really a nice poly for serving and volleying simply because placement is outstanding. I feel like I can't reiterate enough how well I can place the ball with this string. You need good technique and weight transfer on the volleys to hit a penetrating one, however. Drop shots were fun too. 8.5/10

Serves: Not a lot of free pop here, but control is at a premium. I could place the ball well, and when I really went for a big serve, I was rewarded more than the Polystar Classic. There's not a lot of free pace though, so racket head speed is essential. Kickers were fine, but I wasn't getting the same amount of hop I would with Tour Bite or Black Widow. 8/10

Durability: I got 21 hours out of this string, so I loved it. The tension maintenance was wonderful as well. After the first hitting session, it dropped from 48.8 pounds to 42.9 pounds, and was at 40.6 pounds before it broke at 21 hours. The play was even throughout the test. If anything can give me that many hours and consistent play the whole time, it's a great string in my book. 10/10

Overall: It's a good offering for the advanced player with developed strokes and a fast swingspeed. It does not give you much, if anything in terms of extra power, but the control it offers allows you to do pretty much anything you want with the ball. It seems like it would tame the power of big hitters well too. The best way I can describe it is that it plays, for its entire lifespan, like ALU rough does from about 3 hours of play (after its exceptional qualities have faded a bit) until it (ALU) has become useless and needs to be cut out. Basically, you know what you're going to get from this string whenever you play with it. I give it high marks because of it's longevity of playing characteristics and tension maintenance rather than it's playability, which isn't exactly exceptional. 9/10

Disclaimer: I did receive this string as a free sample set from my coach's pro shop. I'm not quite sure if I would pay $17 per set, but that's simply because I don't have a ton of money. It's an incredibly durable string, but even 24 hours for me is only 2 weeks. If I were playing twice a week instead of 6 times, I'd definitely be using this string.
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