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Originally Posted by Mustard View Post
What are you on about now? The 2006 Dubai final was a classic case of "punching yourself out". Federer was over Nadal like a rag doll in the first set, showing a lot of aggression, and looked certain to hit the killer blow in both the second and third sets, but Nadal hung in there and managed to deliver the knockout blows himself. Federer was really annoyed when he lost. Then he calmed down and a nice chat with Nadal at the side of the court as they awaiting the trophy presentations.

Federer can lose when he's very aggressive. That match proved it. Now please chill out. Federer is doing fantastic in these World Tour Finals, and has a chance to win it for the seventh time tomorrow, which would be remarkable.
Come on. "Remarkable" for an achievement like that? If Fed wins tomorrow it would imply a quasi-certainty that we will not see that record surpassed in our lifetimes.
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