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4. Yonex Poly Tour Pro 1.25 Yellow

Stringing: Really quite easy for a polyester. No qualms with it at all. Very easy to work with, and stiff enough to move through blocked holes. Strung at 50# on the X2

Groundstrokes: Can you say muted? Wow, is this stuff dull. It's really soft, and it's really muted. I could barely feel the ball on the strings. As with most strings, though, this got better as the tension dropped and I got used to the string. It was, however, very muted throughout the test. Spin was slightly above average, and directional control was pretty solid. Extra power was a nice surprise, though. 7.5/10 Too muted for me.

Volleys: It was really soft for poly, and that led to some great touch shots, but the lack of feel led to some really bad attempted touch shots too. My net game revolves more around touch rather than deep penetrating volleys, and this string was too inconsistent. When I did punch the volleys, though, I found good depth. 7/10 Very up and down on touch shots due to the heavily muted feel.

Serves: Flat serves were great. The higher than average power really helped here. I really had to work to get a lot of hop on my kick serve, but that just encouraged me to hit my slice serves more, and this led to more variety in my game. 9/10

Durability/Tension maintenance: Both of these were good. 9 hours for a 1.25mm string is about average for me. The tension, while I did not measure it due to my iPhone being out of commission for the week, seemed fairly stable after the first hit. The string was almost a catapult the first time out, and then it settled down a bit and stayed there for the rest of the test. 8/10

Overall: Not really my cup of tea. Serving was great, but the inconsistencies at net and off the ground overshadow it. I just couldn't find a steady groove with this string anywhere but on serve, and there's much more to the game than that. I have a teammate who really likes it, though, and it's pretty cheap, so it's worth a try. For me, 7.75/10
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