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Originally Posted by joeri888 View Post
No. I've never heard of her, and never seen her in any goat debate. I wiki'd here and know what you talk about. It says something that me, a non-american, but way more than casual fan of tennis, don't know who she is.

That tells you that in history, what ifs are important, but not as important as people who actually did what they were destined to do, as opposed to people who never got the chance.
she played in 11 majors and winning 9 of them and those 9 were won in consecutive majors she entered..

saying you've not heard of little mo connolly is like you havnt heard of monica seles or tracy you say you are a casual fan, thats fair enough....

anyway, now you know, so its no big deal its a big shame how her career was ended age about 20 i think, and then she died of cancer in the 1960s aged around 35
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