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Originally Posted by Murrayalmagrofan View Post
I won't be demoing the 305. With a strung weight of 11.3oz, it's far too light for my game. However, if a stronger 3.5/4.0 baseline player asked me for a Tecnifibre racquet to demo, I would probably recommend the 305.

When I play against 4.5 & 5.0 players, I need a racquet with some serious weight and plow-through. That's where the Pro Braided was starting to fail me...but the TFight 325 shines.

Agreed. The TFight 320 has a very open 16/19 pattern and has a bigger sweetspot than the TFight 325. Control will be compromised with this stick...
Can't you lead up the pro braided for weight and plow-through?
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