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Fact: If you want to be a better player and are making significant changes to your game, you should expect to lose every match and should instead focus on nothing else but executing, forcing yourself to implement your changes, and hitting those shots with everything you have (so you get plenty of racket head speed).

Fact: If you want to win every match, you're likely not going to improve much overall unless you're playing against players below your level and have the ability to somehow mentally translate those games to those against players who are as good as or better than you, or are already really solid in every way (and by every way, you can already do everything) and are making very small changes (or fitness and movement).

Just be stubborn about doing it in sets, even knowing you will lose. Keep swinging at it and move your feet even if you know you will miss. Just keep doing it. Eventually, you'll just be going through the motions, with a little bit of intensity from wanting to win, and the balls will start dropping in and you aren't taking anything off the ball. It's all mental really. Play lots of practice matches. Expect to lose. Play thing point by point. Focus on execution.
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