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Our family has been through the D1 recruiting process. The existence of foreigners on a team was considered a positive rather than a negative consideration for any particular school. I think it is way too much of a generalization to say that "American" recruits find programs with more Americans to be more attractive.

Besides, Jill Hultquist is the coach of the women's team at the University of Washington, not the University of America. If anything, the University of Washington has as one of its objectives to educate qualified students from the State of Washington, not from all of America. By the logic offered in other posts, (not that I agree with it) one could more accurately say, "get some more [Americans] Washingtonians and worse case she is still in the cellar of the pac 12 and and a couple of [American] Washington kids get the educational opportunity they deserve."

Also, by this logic, the University of Washington should not admit any foreigners because they are taking educational opportunities that Washingtonians or Americans....whatever....deserve

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