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Default Why has Murray's level dropped since the USO?

I wonder why his level of play seems to have declined so much since his USO victory? I thought winning his first Slam would have finally relaxed him and made him more confident about his game. But in his subsequent 4 tournaments:

Tokyo: Defending champion. Lost to Raonic in the semis after going up a break and holding 2 match points (this was the guy he destroyed in straights at the USO).

Shanghai: Defending champion. Lost to Djokovic in the final after holding 5 match points.

Paris-Bercy: Normally never gets past the quarters. Didn't even get that far this time. Lost in the 3rd round to qualifier Janowicz after holding yet another match point.

WTF: IMO poor form throughout even though he qualified from the Group stages. Lost in straights to Federer in the semis after holding a break in the first set (this was the guy he beat in straights by the same margin in the semis at Shanghai).

Is he just physically and/or mentally tired after the pressures this year of making his first Wimbledon final, winning the Olympic gold medal and his first ever Grand Slam title?

Why has he lost so much focus and drive? Or am I exaggerating the extent of his malaise?

Any thoughts (serious ones, please)?
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