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Originally Posted by Alohajrtennis View Post
Wow...we are not going to do this all over are attacking red herrings...a) I never said anything about a total ban on foreigners and yes a limited amount of international players is a good thing, b) and the second argument is not valid because of reciprocity. International colleges don't offer tennis scholarships. In fact her primary recruiting targets should be the best players in her back yard.
And those blue chips and five stars in the back yard of Washington State are who, exactly?

A) I never said that you said anything about a total ban on foreigners

B) Only America has college sports and scholarships for foreign sports (except Oxford-Cambridge crew and minor exceptions like that). So since there is not reciprocity then................ (I'll let someone else finish the sentence logically, because I can't)

By the way, someone here said that Jill Hultquist is "lazy" because she is recruiting foreigners instead of Americans. I wonder if someone could run it by me how it is more lazy to recruit foreigners than Americans. Heck, the faction that wants larger National junior draws has stated as one of its arguments that it is too hard for American tennis coaches to recruit in the US if they can't travel to centralized National tournaments......right here in the US of A.

I didn't bring up this topic. If you don't want to discuss the topic of foreigners in college tennis then, wow, don't bring it up. In the meantime, if the mood strikes me to respond to points that others raise......with which I disagree......I'm going to do it.

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